Battleband Saga

Legends come to life in the Battleband Saga, pitting the boys in the band against mysterious forces they never meant to unleash. Against these forces, Pod, Manny, and Flaco have only their wits and their songs.

Anticipated are five books in the Saga, each featuring an adaptation of a different legend against the backdrop of a small Texas town and the bright lights of the stage.

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Two Authors.

  • Author Gail Giles
  • Author Deb Vanasse

One Amazing Middle Grade Series

Battleband is planned as a five-book series with Book I completed and Book II in progress.

Gail Giles

Author of seven acclaimed YA novels, included Shattering Glass and Girls Like Us, Gail is a Texas writer noted for her edgy storytelling and for the wisdom she gleans from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Deb Vanasse

An Alaska writer who often works from her cabin near the face of a glacier, Vanasse has 16 published books, was a teacher in Bush Alaska, and is the co-founder of Alaska’s wildly successful 49 Writers organization.

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Author Deb Vanasse

The Battleband Saga


A fresh spin on the boyband phenomenon featuring magic, myth and adventurous thirteen-year-old misfits who go up against evil in a long-shot battle to become the hottest new band in the country. It’s Faust, reinvented for the text-and-tweet generation, and the stakes are as high as they get.

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The boys in the band think they’ve outsmarted their enemy, but Becca is convinced there’s more going on, especially after Ms. Linely disappears, her harp smashed to pieces. And why would the stunning new girl latch onto Pod and try to get him to quit singing? The discovery of a portal to darkness and chaos may be the only path to the truth.


“The first movement in an ambitious song cycle of a tale” ~ Kirkus Reviews 


“Turn this book up to eleven! It puts the buzz in Beelzebub and the power in power chords. A musical, lyrical tale that must be read.” ~ Arthur Slade, author of The Hunchback Assignments

Strikingly New

“A powerful story told in an equally powerful voice, with characters you love and root for from the very first pages….brilliant and strikingly new!” ~ Terry Trueman, Printz Honor Author of Stuck in Neutral

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